A note on takeout - 

Q: Do you offer takeout?

A: At this point we do not offer call-in takeout orders. We're delighted to prepare our curated bowls to-go when ordered at the shop.

Q: Why?

A: A few reasons. 1) We want to be sure that folks who sit at our bar or tables are not put at an unfair disadvantage to callers. We are first and foremost a restaurant. 2) Being so sparsely staffed (Mimi + Colby and sometimes a dishwasher/busser/runner) there's only so much food we can prepare, serve, and/or store. 3) A badly timed call can sink service and lead to much longer wait times for our in-house guests. See last sentence of reason 1).


Q: Will you change it at some point and let us call in orders?

A: Probably! But not for a bit. We're getting our balance and growing at our own pace.


Q: Do you have a to-go menu available?

A: Yup! At the shop. It changes daily, just like our regular menu. We offer our appetizers and Curated (i.e. put together by Colby) for to-go orders. We can make little changes like substituting Veg Noodles, adding protein, and leaving off ingredients if they don't suit you. We're unable to offer Build Your Own bowls for to-go for the 'why' reasons above.

Please keep in mind we're walking a pretty fine line, and doing our best. We're not trying to be difficult or uptight - just trying to feed everyone delicious food! We appreciate your support and patronage, and are excited to keep growing our lovely little business.


Mimi + Colby


stoke ramen

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