Stoke Ramen COVID-19 Precautions


What We’re doing:

In the Shop

  • Washing our hands. Almost constantly. Soap and water remain the best way to remove the virus. It has to do with lipids and is actually very interesting.

  • Not touching our faces.

  • Washing high touch surfaces with soap and water and then wiping down with sanitizer multiple times a day.

  • Not being there if we feel ill.

  • Keeping it just in the team. We're unable to invite guests into the restaurant right now. Not even to use the bathroom. We need to keep it a safe place to work and prepare food in and that means limiting unknown variables (i.e. people).


  • Pick up will be packaged, labeled, and set outside our shop. We will be washing and sanitizing the surface in between rounds of pick up.

  • Receipts will be emailed to you to limit contact.

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