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Stoke Ramen
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4pm - 8pm
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Hello World! 

Well, we're bouncing around between oppressive heat and "is it worth it to light the stove?" so I think it's safe to say that the Vermont Summer (whatever that means) has arrived!

  • We've got new noodles (say that ten times fast) geared towards summer time, Colby's take on hiyashi chuka, or chilled noodles.

  • Funky salads ready to go in our cooler. Waka Waka Waka, Yuzu Coleslaw, Broc On (reimagined), and Tamari Eggs.

  • Absolutely delicious ciders, beers, hard kombucha, AND  (my personal summer favorite) some truly delicious wine spritzers. We'll need to see ID from folks picking up booze, and reserve the right to remove it from the bill and refuse service if anything looks/feels shady. Please come prepared.

  • Soft drinks to please every palate - ginger beer, sparkling apple cider, iced coffee, and house blended iced tea.



Obviously all of [gestures to everything]  this is still going on, so we're continuing with the precautions we feel necessary.


  • We prefer online orders, but will be able to take to go at the door.

  • We'll probably see you coming, but if we don't - there's a great big bell (yes, that  bell) next to the door and we'll definitely hear it. We'll sanitize it after every ding.

  • We're unable to grant access to the interior of the restaurant right now. Not even for the bathroom, sorry. Please plan accordingly.

  • Please give fellow diners appropriate distance while waiting or enjoying your meal. We chose to be open different days than our beloved neighbor Canteen Creemee Co. so that all our guests can have some space.

  • Masks are cool. Embrace the bandit/jet fighter/superhero vibes. Please wear one whilst picking up.

  • We're obviously still feeling our way along. More will come as we go, and we utterly appreciate your patience and support. We love you!